Drive crypto education in your community as a BloFin Ambassador!

Become a trusted voice of BloFin and build a community of people who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, trading insights, and more. Join our mission to educate the world about blockchain and the potential of Web3.

We Look Forward to Working with All Talents Worldwide

Independent Promoters

Campus celebrities or socializers who are keen to talk to people and to make a real impact

Community Leaders

Financial or opinion leaders who lead a crypto-related community

Content Creators

Social media enthusiasts or freelancers who create articles, videos, or arts

Ambassador Benefits


Competitive Commision


Exclusive Invites to Events and Conferences


Internship & Job Opportunities


Web3 Training and Certificates


BloFin Receptions

What You Need To Do

Coordinate local meet-ups regarding crypto knowledge
Deliver the latest BloFin news to your network
Maintain integrated communication with potential users
Identify connections with BloFin and outline ways of engagement
Explore new promotion channels for BloFin
Collect and report market hotspot and community feedback
Don't miss out on an opportunity to facilitate the crypto industry!