Become a Master Trader

Showcase your winning strategies, build a strong reputation, and help your copiers generate profits by copying your trades!

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    Submit the Application
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    Wait for the Review
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    Set up Parameters
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    Start Copy Trading

BloFin Benefits

  • Boost Your Income
    Earn tempting 10% of the profits made by your copiers, which will be credited with no maximum receivable limit
  • Competitive Commission Rebate
    Improve your influence and you may earn up to 50% commission of trading fees from new invitees
  • Service Upgrade
    Holiday gifts and custom posters, etc
  • Exclusive Support
    Your feedback will be prioritized & receive exclusive professional support
  • Increased Popularity
    Master traders can expand their market presence by leveraging exposure on BloFin channels


What are the qualifications for a master trader?

You need to have particular market insights and to be active in the market with well-established trading strategies and excellent trading records. You need to be a lead trader who can provide and adjust strategies for more copiers to follow.
When closing a position, the copier could make a profit and met the criteria for profit sharing. As a master trader, you will earn 10% of the overall net profit of your copiers and your earnings will be credited to your Copy Trading Account every Monday at 8 A.M. (UTC).
You can view all your copiers and their copy trading PnLs in your copy trading management system.