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Lower Trading Fee Rate and Higher Cashback
Maker/Taker fee rate: 0.02%/0.06%
Trading fee cashback: 0%
Innovative Know Your Transaction Solution
Blofin collaborates with the best AI-Powered blockchain intelligence platform and is committed to adopting a Know-Your-Transaction solution from AnChain.AI
Blofin partners with Fireblocks - the industry-leading assets custodial institution, safeguarding the customers' and investors' funds with its liability insurance coverage.
Asset Custody
Blofin will never misappropriate your assets. Blofin integrates compliant custodian solution - ChainUp WaaS to ensure that all users' assets are completely available to users.
Asset Transparency & Security
On Blofin, we hold a 1:1 reserve of all customer assets on our platform and give you full transparency of our reserves and your funds.
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