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NewsAethir Launches Decentralized Cloud Compute Network on Ethereum Mainnet

Aethir Launches Decentralized Cloud Compute Network on Ethereum Mainnet

Jun 13,2024,02:08

Reported by Cointelegraph, Aethir, a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) provider, has announced the launch of its decentralized cloud compute network on Ethereum mainnet.

Enterprises, data centers, other cloud providers and cryptocurrency mining operators can contribute idle GPU resources to Aethir’s GPU-as-a-service solutions network.

Co-founder Mark Rydon emphasized the importance of the mainnet launch, saying:

“By providing a scalable framework for redistributing idle compute resources, we can empower more innovation in the rapidly evolving domains of AI, ML and cloud gaming. On mainnet, high-quality enterprises can contribute to the Aethir network and increase access to the current supply of GPUs.”

Enterprises and developers will be able to rent compute resources from the Aethir network of providers to help train artificial intelligence (AI) models or render digital content at scale.

Through the native ATH token, Aethir uses Ethereum for its staking capability and Arbitrum (ARB) for fast payments to compute providers and community rewards for checker nodes to enforce quality assurance.

Aethir’s ATH also facilitates network governance, staking processes and the security of DePIN’s ecosystem.

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