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NewsAptos Network Resumed Operation After 5-Hour Outage

Aptos Network Resumed Operation After 5-Hour Outage

Oct 19,2023,07:07

Layer 1 blockchain Aptos Network has resumed operation after a lengthy five-hour outage. According to the Aptoscan, on-chain transactions on the Move language-based blockchain were halted at 11:11pm UTC on Oct.18, and were down for more than five hours.

Aptos made an announcement on Twitter, confirming that the issue had been resolved, and the network is now functioning normally. However, they did not provide any specific details about the cause of the chain outage.

It's worth noting that Aptos, a project with substantial backing from venture capitalists, was originally launched on October 17, 2022. The outage incident coincidentally occurred on the exact one-year anniversary of the project's launch.

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