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NewsAragon Association to Dissolve, Holders need to Redeem All $ANT for $ETH

Aragon Association to Dissolve, Holders need to Redeem All $ANT for $ETH

Nov 03,2023,03:15

The Aragon Association has decided to dissolve itself and allow users to exchange its native token, ANT, for ETH. The Association will liquidate its treasury, enabling users to swap each ANT token for 0.0025376 ETH. Users have until November 2, 2024, to complete this exchange.

Upon redemption, all ANT tokens will be permanently removed from circulation and burned. A statement from the Aragon Association emphasized that "from this moment forward, there is no purpose in continuing to hold ANT."

Disagreements regarding the ETH treasury and transparency prompted Aragon DAO members to contemplate legal action against the Aragon Association. The Association had previously committed to subjecting the treasury to a voting process but failed to follow through on this promise.

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