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NewsArbitrum Odyssey Restarts with GMX

Arbitrum Odyssey Restarts with GMX

Sep 27,2023,03:40

Arbitrum announced the Arbitrum Odyssey has restarted. This week, the first project participating in is decentralized perpetual exchange GMX.

Users need to make a leveraged trade on a GMX V2 market, share the GMX referral link on social media, and follow GMX's X account to be eligible for a badge reward. The mission timeframe and badge claim period are between September 26 at 12 pm EDT to October 1 at 12 pm EDT.

Arbitrum first launched the Arbitrum Odyssey in June 2022. After a week of the event, Arbitrum announced that it would suspend the event due to a surge in traffic on the Arbitrum network, which caused gas fees to skyrocket. The relaunched Arbitrum Odyssey will last seven weeks and contain 13 projects: GMX, Aboard, tofuNFT, Uniswap, ApeX Protocol, 1inch Network, Premia Blue, DODO, Swapr, Treasure, BattleFly DAO, handle.fi, SushiSwap.

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