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NewsAvalanche Launched Teleporter to Unify Network of Subnets

Avalanche Launched Teleporter to Unify Network of Subnets

Mar 07,2024,02:57

Avalanche developers have launched Teleporter—a tool designed to improve communication across its subnet ecosystem.

Teleporter aims to unify Avalanche’s network of application-specific chains (or subnets), making them operate more cohesively and addressing ecosystem fragmentation issues.

Released today, Teleporter is built on top of Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM)—activated today on Avalanche’s EVM-compatible network (known as C-Chain). The Teleporter purports to make communication across several of its subnets that are EVM compatible.

Subnets were introduced on Avalanche in 2022 to allow the creation of customized app chains across different verticals. Teleporter will enable the sharing of various data types, including tokens, NFTs, and oracle price feed data across Avalanche subnets. The tool’s launch follows the Durango upgrade on Avalanche’s mainnet, paving the way for Teleporter’s functionality.

“With the activation of the Durango Upgrade on the Avalanche Mainnet, it is now possible for Subnets to natively communicate with the C-Chain using Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM),” said Patrick O’Grady, VP of Platform Engineering at Ava Labs. “Teleporter wraps this new functionality in an EVM-compatible interface that Solidity developers can use to trigger arbitrary contract invocations across any Avalanche subnet,” O’Grady added.

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