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NewsBinance to Auto-Convert $USDC, $USDP and $TUSD to $BUSD on September 29th

Binance to Auto-Convert $USDC, $USDP and $TUSD to $BUSD on September 29th

Sep 05,2022,16:37
Binance announced that it will auto-convert users' existing balances and new deposits of $USDC, $USDP and $TUSD stablecoins to $BUSD at a 1:1 ratio starting from September 29th at 3am UTC, which aims to enhance liquidity and capital-efficiency for users. Users will trade with a consolidated $BUSD balance on the Binance Platform that reflects their balances of $BUSD, $USDC, $USDP and $TUSD post conversion. Users' choice of withdrawal will not be affected, as they will be able to withdraw funds in $USDC, $USDP and $TUSD at a 1:1 ratio to their $BUSD denominated account balance.
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