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NewsBitcoin․com Completes $VERSE $50 Million Token Pre-Sale

Bitcoin․com Completes $VERSE $50 Million Token Pre-Sale

Dec 08,2022,03:53

Bitcoin․com completes $VERSE $50 million token pre-sale, which represents 16% of the total token supply, with strategic buyers including Digital Strategies, Blockchain.com, Kucoin Ventures and others.

Bitcoin.com also announced the launch of $VERSE trading on its decentralized exchange, the Verse DEX, starting at 00:30 UTC on Dec 8. The initial listing price will be $0.0015 per $VERSE.

“The success of the Verse token sale despite severe bear market conditions is a testament to the quality of Bitcoin.com’s ecosystem token,” said Bitcoin.com CEO Dennis Jarvis. “I have no doubt that Verse will supercharge Bitcoin.com’s mission to create economic freedom by helping to onboard millions more people to Bitcoin and decentralized finance where they can take advantage of the benefits enabled by self-custody, transparency, and censorship resistance.”

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