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NewsBlockchain Academy, The Graph Host Blockchain Infra Camp to Explore Opportunities in Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockchain Academy, The Graph Host Blockchain Infra Camp to Explore Opportunities in Blockchain Infrastructure

Oct 08,2023,07:58

Blockchain Infra Camp, an educational event hosted by Blockchain Academy and The Graph in collaboration with core partners MetaMask and HKUST Crypto Fintech Lab, is now live, aiming to help developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts gain a deeper understanding of blockchain infrastructure. Registration is currently ongoing at https://www.wjx.cn/vm/wzLNz4G.aspx

Blockchain Infra Camp aims to delve into the importance of blockchain infrastructure, with a particular focus on The Graph. As a core developer tool and middleware for Web3, The Graph structures and categorizes blockchain data, making it easy for users to efficiently retrieve information.

The training camp not only provides learning opportunities for blockchain developers looking to enhance their infrastructure knowledge but also offers practical experience for entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to leverage blockchain technology. Highlights of the event include:

  • Online video courses covering core topics such as Metamask and The Graph.
  • Dedicated workshops to help participants master key skills.
  • On-site Demo Day, providing a platform to showcase your skills and a chance to win prizes.
  • Interaction with industry leaders in the blockchain field, fostering valuable community connections.
  • Offline social dinner to network with experts and expand your blockchain industry contacts.

Event Schedule is as follows:

  • September 29: Release of online video courses (available for online viewing at YouTube and Bilibili).
  • October 7: Workshops.
  • October 14: On-site Demo Day.
  • October 14: Offline social dinner.

Blockchain Infra Camp will help you gain a deeper understanding of how to use The Graph to build and query blockchain data, offering opportunities to harness the potential of blockchain technology in creating powerful blockchain applications and services. Whether you are a blockchain developer, entrepreneur, or enthusiast, this program will enable you to make the most of blockchain technology through The Graph's infrastructure.

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