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NewsBlockchain Infrastructure Company smlXL Raises $13.4M Led by a16z

Blockchain Infrastructure Company smlXL Raises $13.4M Led by a16z

Oct 24,2023,14:06

smlXL, a startup focusing on blockchain infrastructure, announced it has raised $13.4 million in a seed funding round led by a16z, with participation from Grelock and others.

smlXL aims to make blockchain more transparent, useful, and accessible. It started launching Instrumented Ethereum Virtual Machine (iEVM) in April 2022, which is used for simulating and instrumenting blockchains. It allows developers to offload computations off-chain, performing them in an iEVM simulation to reduce costs. Other products of smlXL include evm.codes, an interactive guide for EVM opcodes, and evm.storage, an analyzing tool for contract storage.

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