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NewsCardano Expects Chang Hardfork this Month, Bringing On-Chain Community Governance

Cardano Expects Chang Hardfork this Month, Bringing On-Chain Community Governance

Jun 11,2024,03:34

Reported by Cointelegraph, Charles Hoskinson, creator of the open-sourced blockchain platform Cardano, anticipates a major event in June in the Cardano ecosystem.

On June 9, Hoskinson announced on X that Cardano’s upcoming Chang fork is approaching quickly and that Cardano Node will likely reach version 9.0 this month.

That means the Cardano blockchain is ready for the hard fork and is now waiting for 70% of stake pool operators (SPO) to install the new node.

“Then, a hard fork can occur, pushing Cardano into the Age of Voltaire,” Hoskinson noted, referring to the latest phase in Cardano’s development stages.

Development phases of Cardano, also known as “eras,” are named after notable figures in poetry and computer science, including Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Joseph Goguen, Matsuo Bashō and Voltaire.

The first three stages implemented a basic blockchain, decentralization and smart contracts. The Basho era focuses on scaling the blockchain. Voltaire, the final era, adds governance, voting and treasury management functionality to the Cardano blockchain.

Chang will be the first hard fork of Cardano’s roadmap’s Voltaire era. This era will introduce community-run governance by enabling on-chain community consensus and allowing Cardano holders to use their tokens to vote on proposals.

According to the Cardano co-founder, Chang is the “most significant milestone in the history of Cardano,” which will help the blockchain ecosystem to enable a “decentralized civilization spanning the entire world with millions of residents.”

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