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NewsCelestia to Integrate with Polygon as Data Availability Layer

Celestia to Integrate with Polygon as Data Availability Layer

Dec 13,2023,01:43

The Celestia network announced it will integrate with Polygon's chain development kit (CDK) early next year. The integration will provide an "easily-pluggable component" for Polygon-based networks to use Celestia for data availability.

After the integration, transaction fees could be reduced more than 100 times after the network stored compressed transaction data on Celestia instead of Ethereum.

Layer 2 networks developed on Polygon's CDK employ zero-knowledge rollup technology. They aggregate transactions off-chain and finalize in bundles on the mainnet. However, Ethereum lacks a dedicated execution environment for its DA layers. Ethereum nodes must process and store data on-chain indefinitely, resulting to increased fees for Layer 2 solution. Celestia enables rollups and other modular chains to utilize the network as a data availability and consensus layer.

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