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NewsDecentralized Data Storage Network BNB Greenfield Live on Mainnet

Decentralized Data Storage Network BNB Greenfield Live on Mainnet

Oct 17,2023,14:01

BNB Chain announced that BNB Greenfield, a decentralized data storage network in the BNB ecosystem, is live on the mainnet. The network has a native bridge to BNB Smart Chain. According to the press release, BNB Greenfield has multiple advantages including high performance, built-in access control, cross-chain programmability, and data monetization, aiming to transform the way users interact with their data.

During the testnet phase, BNB Greenfield processed more than 200,000 on-chain transactions and was connected to 150,000 unique wallet addresses. In addition to data storage, BNB Greenfield also provides other use cases, such as decentralized hosting, knowledge-economy platforms, IP infrastructure, data management solutions, and content monetization ecosystem.

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