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NewsIrys Considers Fork Arweave, Stops Dataset Maintenance

Irys Considers Fork Arweave, Stops Dataset Maintenance

Dec 18,2023,03:23

Arweave founder Sam Williams tweeted that that Arweave storage ecosystem solution Irys (formerly Bundlr Network) is considering forking Arweave, dropping dataset maintenance and resetting the token supply. The ar.io network plans to remove Irys bundlers from the Arweave main gateway’s trusted set, leading to severe delays before user data becomes available.

Williams opined that forking makes sense for a permanent storage network by saving and building on the state rather than breaking it, which will only result in the unachievable goal of information permanence where all data is periodically discarded. He added that the only reason for Irys to fork could be greed and hopes that Irys will fork the right way.

Responding to the Arweave founder’s “Irys plans to fork Arweave” narrative, Irys tweeted that it is tragically ironic that Sam Williams, whose life’s work has been to make Arweave open-source and permissionless software, is trying to rip Irys out of Arweave. Irys has never and will never take away users’ choice of where their data is stored.

Irys processes about 95% of Arweave transactions and has been referred to as an Arweave scaling solution. It rebranded in October this year and claimed to have processed over a billion transactions.

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