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NewsLayer 2 network Blast to roll out its token airdrop next week

Layer 2 network Blast to roll out its token airdrop next week

Jun 20,2024,09:53

Reported by The Block, the Ethereum Layer 2 network has planned to roll out a token airdrop for users on June 26.
Blast, an Ethereum Layer 2 network created by the founder of NFT marketplace Blur, is officially launching its token airdrop in a week.

The project wrote today in a post on X that users must take certain actions to be eligible for the airdrop and that dapps must distribute reward incentives like Gold and Points to users by 8 a.m., June 25 ET.

The project intends to allocate half of the airdrop to developers through Blast Gold, while the other half is set to be distributed to early users through Blast Points based on their wallet and dapp balances, according to its note.

“50% of the Blast Airdrop is allocated to Blast Points,” the project said, adding that users’ wallets will earn Points automatically for every block based on their balances. Meanwhile, for dapps, Blast Gold is intended to be used as an incentive for the growth of dapps. “This means that Dapps should give 100% of any Gold they earn to their users,” the project added.

Users also need to sign into their Blast dashboard with the eligible EOA at least once for inclusion in the airdrop.

“If you are a user and your EOA has Points or Gold, you must have signed into your Blast dashboard with that EOA at least once (either by receiving an invite or linking it to an existing account) in order for it to be included in the airdrop calculations,” Blast said.
The airdrop was initially estimated to take place in May, but the project announced the delay last month, saying that the allocation “will be increased to account for this.”

Developed by Tieshun Roquerre, the founder of Blur, Blast went live in early access mode in November 2023. The total value locked on Blast amounted to $2.09 billion at the time of publication, compared to $2.3 billion recorded on June 6, according to data from DefiLlama.

Blast-based games have also gained traction recently. Crypto trading card game “Fantasy” went live on the Blast mainnet in April following strong success on its testnet. Last month, the protocol made into the top 10 platforms by daily fees generated.

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