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NewsMetaverse Platform ZTX to Launch Tokens on October 16, 4% to be Used for Genesis Airdrop

Metaverse Platform ZTX to Launch Tokens on October 16, 4% to be Used for Genesis Airdrop

Oct 09,2023,07:19

Metaverse platform ZTX announced that it will launch its token $ZTX on October 16 with a Genesis Airdrop. The $ZTX tokens can be used for community governance, purchasing in-game assets, and accelerating game progress. Additionally, the platform will be funded through a token buyback program that includes burning (reducing the total supply), providing rewards to players (incentive pool), and funding the treasury.

The total supply of $ZTX is 10 billion, with 5.5% allocated to early investors and advisors, 9.5% allocated to ZEPETO, 16% allocated to the core team, 10% allocated to the community fund, 1% allocated to the initial $ZTX liquidity, 4% share of the Genesis airdrop, 35% allocated to X2E Rewards, 15% allocated to the ZTX Foundation treasury, and 4% allocated to MM liquidity.

Previously, ZTX, the South Korean metaverse platform founded by Zepeto and Jump Crypto, closed a $13 million seed round led by Jump Crypto with participation from Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, Everest Ventures Group, and others.

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