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NewsNervos Announced 2022 Roadmap

Nervos Announced 2022 Roadmap

Feb 28,2022,09:20
TokenInsight news, Smart contract platform Nervos has announced its 2022 roadmap with important updates in Layer1, Layer2 and interoperability. Of these, Nervos plans to release the CKB (Common Knowledge Base) protocol on mainnet in early 2022. This update lays the foundation for the Flyclient protocol and the CKB light client. The second major update is expected to be released on mainnet in Q4 2022 and will focus on updating to RISC-V V-extension (RVV) to CKB-VM. Nervos will be improving Axon, SMT dApp, zkSNARK, and more in Layer2. For interoperability, Nervos will launch a new version of Godwoken and Force Bridge to improve the scalability of Web3 RPC and add more cross-chain mobility.
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