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News$SEI Airdrop Claimable after Ecosystem Partners 'Complete Their Work', Says Sei Foundation

$SEI Airdrop Claimable after Ecosystem Partners 'Complete Their Work', Says Sei Foundation

Aug 16,2023,03:07

The Sei Foundation explained the reason why the $SEI airdrop is not available to claim yet, saying that "nothing has changed" about the recently announced $SEI tokenomics and rules for airdrops and incentivized testnet rewards. "The Sei Airdrop is ready. Sei Labs is awaiting the final ecosystem partners to complete their work to ensure everything goes smoothly and to unlock the Atlantic (the testnet) rewards and airdrop claim." The Sei Foundation added.

Yesterday, The Sei Foundation released the airdrop rules, which said users would be able to check their eligibility and participate in the airdrop once the public mainnet was launched. However, after the mainnet was live, Sei announced that the airdrop and incentivized testnet rewards "will be claimable following an initial warmup period while the Sei Ecosystem get prepared." At the moment, users still can't check their eligibility.

According to TokenInsight data, $SEI is trading at $0.222157 now.

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