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NewsTokenInsight Rating Monthly Review: July 2023

TokenInsight Rating Monthly Review: July 2023

Aug 04,2023,02:32

TokenInsight is delighted to release its latest monthly rating updates. Based on our data-driven and auto-rating platform, TokenInsight diligently tracks the performance and fundamental metrics of various blockchain projects and tokens, providing users with up-to-date and comprehensive assessments.

Rating Changes

Below, we have listed some noteworthy token rating changes in July 2023.

New Listed:

  • CarrieVerse ($CVTX): Rated CCC stable.

Project Delisting:

  • Cocos-BCX ($COCOS): Removed from our rating list.

Due to rebranding, the original $COCOS token has been renamed to $COMBO, so the previous rating results are no longer applicable.

Rating Downgrades:

  • WEMIX ($WEMIX): Downgraded from B Negative to CCC Stable.

$WEMIX's rating has declined. According to TokenInsight's analysis, the decline in the score is mainly caused by the impact of market regulation.

  • Curve ($CRV): Downgraded from A Stable to BBB Stable.

$CRV's rating has declined. According to TokenInsight's analysis, the decline in score is mainly due to the impact of security incidents.

  • Orbler ($ORBR): Downgraded from CC Negative to C Negative.

According to TokenInsight's analysis, the project's services are terminated or suspended.

About TokenInsight and Rating Methodology

TokenInsight is a data-driven blockchain institution that provides market intelligence through ratings, industry research, and data analysis. Our rating methodology utilizes standardized criteria, combining quantitative and qualitative analysis to ensure objective and consistent evaluations. For a detailed understanding of our methodology, rating symbols, and outlooks, please refer to the TokenInsight Token Rating Methodology.

Notice: TokenInsight's rating methodology is solely for assessing project and token's qualification and risk within the blockchain industry. It is not intended for evaluating the investment value of tokens. The rating results should not be the basis for making investment decisions.

Investing in blockchain projects carries inherent risks, and individuals should conduct their own research and seek advice from financial advisors before making any investment.


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