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NewsTornado Cash Still the Largest Crypto Mixer on Ethereum

Tornado Cash Still the Largest Crypto Mixer on Ethereum

Oct 12,2023,08:11

According to a recent analysis by Arkham, Tornado Cash is still the largest crypto mixer on Ethereum, even after the August 2022 US Treasury sanctions. $77.35M in assets flowed through its contracts on ETH Mainnet in the past 30 days.

Tornado Cash operates on 7 different chains, and obfuscates transfers of 10 different crypto-assets. The most mixed asset is native ETH on Ethereum Mainnet - at its peak in July 2021, Tornado Cash held over $700M of ETH in its pool contracts.

Tornado’s assets dropped by over 60% after it was sanctioned by US Treasury, and transfer volume fell dramatically. But TVL and transfer volume later recovered somewhat, despite the arrest of 2/3 of Tornado’s founders. Tornado TVL currently stands at ~118.3K ETH ($187.9M).

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