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NewsUnisat's BRC-20 Upgrade Plans Face Opposition from BRC20 Creator, Resulting in Protocol Split

Unisat's BRC-20 Upgrade Plans Face Opposition from BRC20 Creator, Resulting in Protocol Split

Jan 03,2024,02:41

In recent developments, Unisat has made an announcement on the X platform, revealing its intention to follow the Ordinals Jubilee upgrade and ensure the continued operation of the BRC-20 protocol on Ordinals. UniSat has unveiled plans to release the white paper on January 31, emphasizing its significance as a valuable contribution to BRC-20, Ordinals, Bitcoin, and the wider community since February last year.

However, Domo, the creator of the BRC-20 token standard, has voiced opposition to UniSat's proposed upgrade. Domo expressed concerns about the rushed nature of the updates, stating that they overlook peer indexers and potentially pose risks to the broader BRC-20 user community.

Domo highlighted recent bugs associated with the Ordinals 0.8 and 0.9 updates, underscoring the increasing complexities of integrating new updates into the BRC-20 standard. Domo emphasized the need for thorough testing, coordination, and validation infrastructure before integrating such changes, stating that the current environment may not be safe for their integration.

Following the controversy, UniSat clarified that the proposed update would result in a split within the current protocol. This means that A (BRC-20 frozen at version 0.9) and B (Ordinals Jubilee) will form different sets governed by distinct rules while still residing on the same physical blockchain.

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