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NewsWeb3 Football Metaverse TOPGOAL Secures Millions in Investment from DWF Labs

Web3 Football Metaverse TOPGOAL Secures Millions in Investment from DWF Labs

Apr 04,2023,08:02

TOPGOAL has received a multi-million dollar investment from DWF Labs. This investment will empower TOPGOAL to build a football metaverse driven by AI and blockchain technology, further realizing its vision of bringing sports into Web3 and creating new digital and virtual experiences.

TOPGOAL has interacted with numerous football stars such as Kaka, Del Peiro, and Patrice Evra. It possesses official copyrights for over 3,000 football players and has accumulated nearly 10 years of experience in football game development. This includes proprietary Football AI algorithms, cutting-edge 3D motion engines and rendering quality, etc. And it aims at bringing Web2 football users into Web3.

TopManager, a state-of-the-art 3D football manager game, is the first-phase game product in the TOPGOAL metaverse. Players can use digital football star card assets to build their own teams, participate in leagues and tournaments, and earn $GOAL token rewards through Play-2-Own and Win-2-Earn models. $GOAL is the governance token of TOPGOAL, currently listed on CEXs such as OKX, Kucoin, and Gate.io.

TOPGOAL will officially launch Football Meta Club and the cross-platform Web3 game Footballcraft, including mobile platforms, in the third quarter of this year. This is a football parallel universe similar to SandBox, a virtual football world with 12 times time acceleration.


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