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News$SEI Airdrop and Incentivized Testnet Rewards Now Available to Claim

$SEI Airdrop and Incentivized Testnet Rewards Now Available to Claim

Aug 17,2023,01:39

The Sei Foundation announced that the $SEI airdrop and the incentivized testnet rewards are now available to claim. Users can visit app.sei.io and connect their Compass wallets to check eligibility and claim rewards.

About the airdrop, the foundation said, "Alongside rewarding Sei's contributors so far, The Sei Foundation recognises the importance of inviting the wider crypto ecosystem to come and experience the Sei blockchain's unparalleled performance. Active onchain participants from top ecosystems have been whitelisted for the Sei Crosschain Airdrop."

To learn more about the rules for the airdrop, please read: Sei Announces Airdrop Rules, Whitelisted Users Need to Bridge Assets to Sei to Be Eligible

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